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Early Tent Tips for Your Spring Event

Planning a spring wedding? With the blossoming trees and fragrant breezes, the outdoors in the springtime can offer the perfect backdrop, making the most special day even more magical. However, as we all know, spring weather with all of its beauty can also be unpredictable. Here are a few tips to consider if you want to plan your wedding or event outdoors:

Know your drainage:
If you already have a location in mind, try to go there as the snow melts or after a storm to see if there are any drainage issues. If a storm occurs during your event, the last thing you want is a small river flowing down the middle of the dining area. For prospective locations on asphalt, look out for puddles. In places with such drainage issues, you still may not have to scrap the location. See if you can fit sub-flooring into your budget.  A level, dry surface may be well worth your expense.

Adequate tent size:
You should try to plan for a tent large enough so that all of the guests could find cover if the weather were to take a bad turn.

Don't be afraid to heat things up:
Depending on how early your event will be, you may want to consider tents with clear tops to help generate heat --and tent heaters for when the sun goes down.

Try to keep it cool:
For warmer weather, avoid clear tops and consider a layer of blackout material on the walls to keep out as much sun as possible. It's also good to note that higher-walled tents have better airflow, keeping guests more comfortable.

Following these tips, your event should be remembered for the more positive themes of spring --the renewal, new beginnings and blossoming beauty that life has to offer, rather than unpredictable weather that could otherwise dampen your day.